Souls of the Fey

Tax' story: The Bargain is enforced.
My true name in her hands. The nightmare continues.

Tax… The Day of Dawnports assault

And there i was, bound before her. The Leanan Sidhe. She finally got her hands on me. After a half a year of running, my decision to make that cursed bargain finally comes back to haunt me.

“Ahh Thou arest awake now, leave us be. He and I shall talk in private.”* The two creatures at my bedside left without making a sound.

“M’Lady…”_ I stammered._ “Do not M’Lady me Thou retched boy. Thou willst not escape thine Bargain with Me. Remember to whom you lost your true name.”

My true name, I knew it was a mistake, but I bargained for it anyways. It was the only way…
Now she holds my fate and body in her oh so gorgeous, small and delicate hands.
“Ahh, Thou does remember.. Good. I have a task for Thee. Find the ”/campaigns/souls-of-the-fey/characters/myrnah" class=“wiki-content-link”>Myrnah , here in Dawnport. Stay near her and carry this with you at all times."
Lea puts a small cilinder on the table near my head.

So I’m in Dawnport and she’s not going to torture and eat me. My luckyday.
“So just stick with her, and then its over. The bargain is over?” I asked doubtfully, hoping to finally be rid of this curse.
“Ohh Naive boy…, this task is only the beginning. Remember this, do not fail…”

And with a cold snap, The Leanan Sidhe disappeares from the room.

Tax Here… All the way
So I’m here in Dawnport, its a pretty nice place. Good for have a few Meads, or a stiff Wine. Well except for the small distraction yesterday ago. The oh so peacefull Dawnport was attacked. Who would have guessed that.
I would have acted if i could, but at the time i was … tied up. I know I won’t be coming back to that Inn.

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