One of, if not the best agent of Winter


From any observer she is a conceited, wanton, capricious girl who is manipulative versus men in perticular. She has several devoted subjects and slaves who made bargains

The White Cat explained to Tax that this playgirl persona is a ruse, with a much more calculating, serious personality underneath.

Ambition & Goals

But Meave keeps this personality well hidden from the most observers. She has a high valued ambition, and at the moment helping Lea helps her reach that goal.
She aspires to be close to Queen Mab and the Prince of Frost.

Likes and Dislikes

She is a fan of mortal flesh, exspecially when it is colored with red, encased by ice.
Her speciality lies in seduction, manipulation, illusion, seeing vermin squirm in the palm of her hands. For special accasions she is willing to take personal action.

She has a special dislike for non-arcane forces, this because her mentor and teacher she adores, Leanan Sidhe. Has become attached to a mortal, more then her playfull maner with interesting mortals.


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