The bargain was done, now he does anything to get out of it. A knight for Winter.


Important events of Tax’ live

What came Before

As a very young child his parents alleged to be very gifted arcane users were murdered by one of the Unseelie Fey and Tax was taken away. He was meant to be raised as one of the unseelie a most powerfull mage to serve them in the mortal realm.

Unfortunally Tax’ aptitude for arcane magic was flawed, he had another source of power. The Power of the Mind, Psionics. One of the most detested forces of power in the land of Fey.
The Unseelie were unable to harass that power in Tax. It was too unpredictable, too flawed. He was thrown back into the mortal realm near the town of Morrow in his young teens.

Tax did not have a pretty childhood in the Feywild. It was harse, with cruel lessons to learn from it. Though it had one benefit, he met a fey girl, Kat. She was the only one that didn’t despise Tax, in fact the was rather amused of Tax. She only visited with her mother the Leanan Sidhe, when they had dealings with the Unseelie.

In Morrow Tax grew up on the streets, he learned to fight his way through all hardships.
He would help the people of Morrow to find all matter of lost items, merchandise or people.
And over the years he became a trustworthy protector of Morrow, finding all that was lost.

Tax┬┤ Diary

Tax, not his real name, but that is what he is called these days. His real name was taken away as part of a bargain he made a winter ago, with the Leanan Shide. Only to be spoken by the owner of their bargain.

He would never have made such a bargain, if he really knew the cost of it. But he had no choice, or so he tells himself.
There was a girl’s life at stake. And he neither had the strength nor the knowledge to do anything to the things that came for her and the others.

In Morrow they already morned for her. “What took them was evil itself”, they said. “Even ”/campaigns/souls-of-the-fey/characters/the-morrow" class=“wiki-content-link”>the Morrow himself could not have stopped them". Tax couldn’t stand their attitude, the acceptance, this he could not do. Never. They were back, but why now. Why here. The Unseelie.

Who would blame him, his little girl was kidknapped, right in front of him. Tax was powerless against those creatures. His physical training useless. He needed help, information and leverage. He was going to save them, whatever the cost.


It was not enough many died in that land, only a few were spared. And its all my fault. They came for them because of me. So I suppose its for the best that i leave that behind me. Untill i find out how I can make this better.



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