Tag: goblin


  • Trakk the Tribeless

    Trakk was an infamous goblin assassin rumored to have slaughtered his own tribe single-handed. Was hired by [[:vagrekka | Vagrekka]] to assassinate the intruders who killed snug the exiled goblin shaman. Died of acute hypothermia at the hands of Damaf …

  • Vagrekka

    Vegrekka was the goblin shaman and self-proclaimed goblin king who led the exodus of the bloodburrow goblin tribe. With the counsel of his trusted bodyguard, Lugrash the hobgoblin, he built a formidable (by goblin standards) fortress. Succumbed to …

  • Snug

    Previously an influential shaman of the bloodburrow goblin tribe, Snug (Snuggy to his mother) left his tribe after a disagreement with [[:vagrekka | Vagrekka]] over the goblin king's advisor, [[:lugrash | Lugrash]]. Struck down from the shadows by …

  • Snive